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Used Kustner Micropac ET

Brand: Kustner

Type: Micropac ET

Capacity: max. 125 Kg/h




    Item No.: 100381



Used Cup Filling Hamba 6000

Brand: Hamba

Type: 6000

Capacity: –




    Item No.: 100290



Used Aseptic Tank ABAB ST – 6

Brand: ABAB

Type: ST-6

Capacity: 15.000 l




    Item No.: 100256



Quark Separator Alfa Laval QMRKX 517 SGV

Brand: Alfa Laval

Type: QMRPX 517 SGV

Capacity: 2.000 Kg/h





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IMG_20161115_180321 IMG_20161115_180250


Atomizer – Anhydro CE 250

Brand: Anhydro

Type: CE 250

Capacity: 1-2 tons/h

Power: 37 kW

S/N: 18084


Proper atomization is the key to the spray drying process and can be created by the anhydro centrifugal atomizer.



  Item No.: 100162

Alfa Laval HMRPX 610 HGV

Alfa Laval HMRPX 610 HGV Alfa Laval HMRPX 610 HGV
Alfa Laval HMRPX 610 HGV Alfa Laval HMRPX 610 HGV

Separator – Alfa Laval HMRPX 610 HGV

Brand: Alfa Laval

Type: HMRPX 610HGV Cream Separator

Capacity: 7000 l/h


The clarifying centrifugal Separator is used for separating solids out of a liquid. The separator is equipped with a stack of conical diks for creating a large equivalent clarification area in a relatively small bowl volume.



 Item No.: 100264



IMG-20160831-WA0002 IMG-20160831-WA0001

Homogeniser – APV Lab 15M

Brand: APV

Type: Lab 15M

Capacity: 50 l/h


The Gaulin Homogenizer is used to create stable emulsions and dispersions in many industries including food and dairy, pharmaceutical, petroleum and chemical. While the term `homogenizer´ is used to describe many blending technologies, a Gaulin Homogenizer is a high pressure, multi-piston pump with a small, variable sized orifice. Developed mainly to blend cream into milk.